SanoBe founder Jenn Beauregard

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support and love of my products.

Your kind words and feedback and your continued support for my products fuels my passion even more to continue to create new, exciting and delicious healthy treats and foods for you to enjoy.

I make these foods because as I’ve learned self-love and appreciation for my health, I’ve learned the importance and the power of nutrition. Through research and personal experience, I am dedicated to my own nurturing by eating what I have discovered to be some of the healthiest foods on the planet. When you buy SanoBe Superfoods products, I see these qualities of love and self-investment reflected back to me through your joyful stories about how these amazing foods have enhanced our own lives. This mutual desire to continue to grow and improve ourselves one positive and loving choice at a time means the world to me!

With gratitude and wishes for abundant health,