SanoBe Superfoods peanut butters offer a complete meal in a jar. These nut butters are delicious, healthy, shelf stable for more than a year and are completely satisfying. In fact, superfoods are so powerful, you’ll start feeling better because you’re consuming them!

SanoBe nut butters are among the healthiest on the market today. They are loaded with truly ancient and powerful superfoods, now available to us everywhere thanks to the internet, to add to our favorite foods! One of mine being peanut butter, of course.

SanoBe is perfect at room temperature and need not be refrigerated. In fact, we don’t recommend it. It’s shelf lifespans 18 months, making one of the most shelf stable prepared foods you can buy and thoroughly enjoy, guilt-free.

You can absolutely refrigerate your peanut butters if you prefer that. I know so many of you do. When it gets cold, the coconut oil will harden and turn white. This is perfectly normal. Though no longer in an easily spreadable texture, it does taste great as it melts in your mouth!

SanoBe is amazing when frozen. It’s takes on a fudge quality and melts in your mouth like pure decadence! Ice cube trays work great.

Every calorie converts to fuel for the body. Food is meant to be fuel. You won’t find ‘empty calories’ in SanoBe products. SanoBe nut butters are a perfect way to start your day and it will provide fuel into the afternoon, without hunger pangs in between.

SanoBe nut butters don’t really separate. We suggest you give your variety a good stir upon opening it until it is a consistent texture. It won’t separate at all after that and you’ll have a perfect bite every time!

Because SanoBe nut butters are truly ‘artisan’ and made in small batches, you may notice slight variations in flavor or color. But, I’ll be sure to get that great salt bit perfect every time.

KETO friendly: Our Hearty Hemp variety is Keto-worthy as it contains only 3.5 grams of carb (1.5%DV) per tablespoon. Choose your carbs wisely my friends.

Three great reasons to consume SanoBe Superfoods nut butters!

  • Nutrition and taste go together! SanoBe products, while they taste amazing, are full of nutrients which provide a complete meal. These healthful ingredients include 19 amino acids, 30+ trace minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, natural energy and mood boosters and digestive benefits.
  • Food as fuel. SanoBe products make the best use of calories. The high and balanced ratio of amino acids help to easily convert the calories into pure fuel without hunger for hours. It’s truly guilt-free!
  • By investing in your health deliciously, you are also helping me to support and promote fair trade, organic and clean food manufacturing practices and sustainable, cooperative local manufacturing relationships.

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